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I always wanted to make this one but didn't on the grounds that it would be the wrong scale to my others. However when I got a request to make a car for my cousin in England, the scale issue dissappeared. I really loved this one.

The rim of the steering wheel on this one is also round plastic rod, this time wrapped with cotton thread to replicate the string bound rim of these early racers.

There is an 'E' in the front nerf bar and that is for Eric, my cousin.  This method of naming was common practice "back in the day".

Although I love the colour you probably would not see a midget racer painted green, because they thought it was unlucky.

Built March 2008

12 Heineken Beer Cans

The Plans

A complete and fully detailed blueprint plan is available for this car, with comprehensive instructions.

Refer to the PLANS page to place your order.


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